Gentle guide to configure and buy on PancakeSwap

Download and install your wallet

We will give the example with Metamask, but you can use other to buy $KILIMANJARO.

  • Install MetaMask extension in your browser
  • Accept Privacy Notes and Terms of Use
  • Create password of at least 8 characters and hit create!
  • Copy and save safely the 12 words that are shown and you’ll have your wallet created

Configure your Binance Smart Chain network

  • Click on the top right corner “Ethereum Mainnet” and go to “Custom RPC”

Fill in the following network details:

Network Name: “Binance Smart Chain”
New RPC URL: “"
Chain ID: “56”
Symbol: “BNB”
Block Explorer URL: “"

  • Hit “Save” after you filled in all the details
  • Hit “Add Token” to configure $KILIMANJARO token once you have the contract ID


  • Be sure you have funds on your wallet and also BNB to gas every transaction, if you don’t we advice to withdraw from binance or other exchange that supports BSC
  • Go to and connect your wallet on the top right corner
  • Click on the option “Exchange” on PancakeSwap menu and then choose “Swap”
  • Select your preferred currency on the “From” field and click on “Select a currency” on the “To” field
  • Once there paste the $KILIMANJARO token id
  • You may have to set a high slippage when $KILIMANJARO is launching due to high demand, be aware of that!
  • Enter amounts, swap and you’re good to go!

If you reach this step you’re now officially a Hiker!

Welcome to this awesome community, thanks for your support and trust and good luck on our daily lotteries!

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