On Tuesday May 11th, the 150.000 $KILI dev tokens were unlocked.

This is what happened next:

  1. TOTAL TO BE UNLOCKED: 150.000 $KILI dev tokens

The moment the tokens were unlocked, the 5% tax (7500 $KILI) was executed.

  • 3750 $KILI will be burned 🔥
  • 3750 $KILI will go to the lottery pot 🎟️

TOTAL AFTER UNLOCKED: 142.500 $KILI dev tokens

2. In order to fulfill our promise of adding 500 $KILI to each daily pot for two months, we created a new wallet with the amount needed for that.

  • 21 DAYS OF MAY — 500 KILI PER DAY = 10.500 $KILI

As it was announced last week, $KILIMANJARO team was working alongside Solidity Shield in order to fully audit the token's contract.

After multiple days of hard work, Solidity Shield’s team provided the complete audit report of the $KILIMANJARO Smart Contract, giving an overall score of 94 (out of 100).

No major issues were found in the code and the application of coding standards was validated.

This is a HUGE milestone both for the $KILIMANJARO team, and the whole $KILI community, as it sets the foundations for the bigger things that are about to come.

You can read the full report on our website.

Let’s keep hiking together!

Stay tuned for more news.


We can finally share the amazing news that all our investors and community members have been waiting for.

Kilimanjaro closed a collaboration contract with Solidity Shield in order to audit $KILI for security leaks and code vulnerabilities.

Solidity Shield is a robust company on the IT field with several years of experience working with DeFi projects and smart contracts. For more info visit their site: https://solidityshield.io/

We are very happy the team managed to get this auditor since they will thoroughly test our random and lottery proprietary functions.

All the source code has been sent to their team in order to begin a process that will take from 2 to 5 days.

Thank you all for trusting $KILI and keep hiking with us!

Stay tuned to more news regarding audit and $KILI news in our channels:


Gentle guide to configure and buy on PancakeSwap

Download and install your wallet

We will give the example with Metamask, but you can use other to buy $KILIMANJARO.

  • Install MetaMask extension in your browser
  • Accept Privacy Notes and Terms of Use
  • Create password of at least 8 characters and hit create!
  • Copy and save safely the 12 words that are shown and you’ll have your wallet created

Configure your Binance Smart Chain network

  • Click on the top right corner “Ethereum Mainnet” and go to “Custom RPC”

Fill in the following network details:

Network Name: “Binance Smart Chain”
New RPC URL: “https://bsc-dataseed.binance.org/" …

Kilimanjaro is a new concept of deflationary Lottery Token

How it works

Kilimanjaro works through 5% tax rate applied to each transaction, 2.5% is automatically burned and the other 2.5% goes to the Lottery Pool.

Only the worthy gets the full reward

Once a day, the lottery chooses three hikers among the $Kilimanjaro holders and split the lottery pool equally between them. Those hikers are the ones to reach the peak.

However, there is a catch.

If the amount of $Kilimanjaro tokens that the winner holds surpasses the reward received, the hiker gets the full reward. If not, the holder only gets 50% of the reward and the other 50% is burnt.

Token allocation

  • 1M token initial supply
  • Fair Launch

The path to the peak.

Welcome hikers! The team is truly committed and working full time to bring to life something the community has never seen before, in the meantime we are really proud to share with you our plans for the next couple months:

Do you dare to reach the peak?

Stay tuned for more news

Telegram Announcements Channel
Telegram Community Channel

A BSC fully deflationary Lottery Token like you have never seen before…

We are pleased to announce the release of this fully deflationary lottery token that will supersede the way you earn crypto tokens.
Do you dare to reach the peak? Come join us on this amazing hike, push the limits and earn.

Token release will be on Friday 9th April at 00:00 UTC, you can follow the countdown and news at our website or social networks.

Telegram Announcements Channel
Telegram Community Channel

Stay tuned!

Kilimanjaro Finance

BSC fully deflationary Lottery Token. Find us at https://kilimanjaro.finance/

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